About our Riding Academy

In creating a riding academy the owner, Lisi Swanson wanted a facility that is solely run in an environment that is both positive and challenging. This sport is not one where you can pick up a ball and begin throwing it. Sitting on the back of an animal takes practice and skills, but it also takes courage. The academy is filled with skilled horses that are wonderful teachers, they give my students the confidence to accomplish most any goals we create together.

We have seating for parents, lots of shade for those warmer days and a clean restroom. The arenas are watered and maintained daily. Each level of rider may ride in the round pen, medium arena or the large main arena, where we offer a full course of jumps. Each of our school horses are treated like Kings as they are the bread and butter of my operation. A lot of them are out in 2 of our large pastures during the day so they may wander and graze and move to their hearts content. 

Pricing is 40 dollars per person for groups or private and includes all the necessary tack, helmet and grooming utensils for the school horse and a crosstie section to groom and tack up in.

There are packages for multiple lessons and for the more serious student lease options are also available on certain school horses. 


horseback riding academy in temecula

Please give us a call to set up an evaluation or learn more about our program!