The training program at Great Scot is to take an individual horse and customize a consistent program that helps that horse achieve an overall sense of well being. I want my horses to be happy, emotionally and physically. I want a healthy, well rounded mind. This can only be achieved by consistency, repetition and a program that offers challenges and routine. Horses like routine, they thrive on it, but they also can get complacent, just as we , the rider can. So changing “it” up every now and then will help them stay sharp and focused.

Full Training

For the green horse that needs a professional 5 days a week. Includes 5 sessions with trainer, either in bitting rig or riding.( may include lessons if horse works well with rider and rider works well with horse) A horse in full training will have mane pulled, show clip maintained and bathed on a regular basis.
*All products used for full training horses is that of Great Scot Training ie shampoo, clippers, mane pulling comb, boots, polo’s, pads, etc. Price reflects this.


Half Training

For the competition horse who needs maintenance. Includes 2-3 ride sessions and/or bitting rig sessions during the week. A half training program works best with the serious rider who wants to stay competitive or that may work during the week and needs help maintaining fitness and obedience from a professional.
*As with full training clients your horse will keep up on a pulled mane, show clip and shampoo when necessary. Price reflects this.


*All training programs work best when student is taking lessons and learning with horse

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