The main focus is mental coaching and goal setting. The sport of horseback riding is much like golf, it is very individual and is 80% mental. Though we are riding on a horse, the success achieved is not only on the skill of both horse and rider but on the focus that goes into the methods being learned. Whether for competition or for pleasure the joy and beauty that comes from this sport is truly what you as an individual puts into it. My greatest pleasure as a trainer and coach is watching many hours of hard work come forth from a cheek to cheek smile by achieving a canter for the first time or a first time ribbon won in the show ring.

Great Scot Riding and Training in Temecula CA

Elisabeth Swanson, Owner/Trainer

I have grown up in the industry, working very hard to climb the ladder. I have been blessed beyond measure to have trained under many great professionals, taking theories and methods that worked for me and carrying them into my own programs. I take great pride in my teaching and training to not only develop great riders, but in building students and horses that love what they do.